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SUCCESS STORY Theodore Napor 1

After years of occupational and physical therapies with little progress, it was finally Theo's occupational therapist (who was new to us) that picked up on his vision disorder. Admittedly, as a mom and pediatric nurse practitioner, I knew nothing about binocular vision dysfunction. I was skeptical at first: why didn't his pediatrician see this? Why didn't other OT's pick up on this? He passed plenty of vision tests, his eyes are 20/20, what the heck?! Looking back, I feel silly thinking that way and now know there is a huge lack of knowledge/understanding of vision disorders!

After a few months of therapy, I will never forget Theo's words as we drove home: "Wow Mom! I think this therapy is helping, everything I see is a lot bigger!" - That hit home! Theo has improved in all areas of his life: socially, academically, and physically. The biggest area of improvement is HIS SELF CONFIDENCE! One of the best moments of the school year was when his teacher gave him "The Most Diligent Worker Award" of the 22-23 school year! We can't think Ms. Jen and the entire staff at Vision Development of WNY!

- Julie Napor - Theo's Mom