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At 70 years young, when confronted with the choices of practicing primary-care optometry only, retiring, or trusting God to start a new practice specializing in his passion to help people with learning-related vision problems and head trauma, Dr. Dick O’Connor and wife Debbie had a big decision to make.

Dr. Dick & Debbie O’Connor

Dr. Dick & Debbie O’Connor

With God as their firm foundation and a caring and committed team, Dr. & Debbie O’Connor took the step of faith to fulfill God’s call and help as many patients as possible. On September 1, 2017 Vision Development of WNY was dedicated in faith by Pastor Jim Ruddy and the entire team.

Dedication of Vision Development of WNY

From left to right: Dr. Dick O’Connor, Debbie O’Connor, Pastor Jim Ruddy, at September 1, 2017 Dedication of Vision Development of WNY