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Willem was having trouble copying from the board and copying from text. He was also skipping words and sentences (sometimes even paragraphs) when reading. He didn’t seem to have much self-esteem or confidence. He put forth his best effort but reading and writing were always so challenging for him. He saw others excel and he felt inferior. He avoided more common sports (which mostly contain balls). He would focus for a short time, but then needed a quick outlet of energy. He wouldn’t give me details about school or his day.

Organizing his thoughts was challenging. Since therapy, we have noticed a significant change in Willem’s self-esteem and confidence. He is attempting to play sports containing balls, which expands the friends he can relate to. He is copying from the board and text with minimal error. After school, he is able to talk to me about his say and gives me details. His thoughts are better organized. During reading, he doesn’t skip around. His fluency needs improvement still, but he is able to express what he comprehended and understands deeper meaning of text. We are so grateful that his confidence, expression, and ability to maintain his place while reading and copying have improved. This wouldn’t have been possible without the caring doctors, therapists, and staff at Vision Development.

- Willem