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Vivian Kreutzer

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Vivian has had a beautiful experience in vision therapy for the past 6 months. She looked forward to coming to every session with enthusiasm and excitement! Vivian's biggest improvement is where she needed it most, her reading! She used to get extremely frustrated when trying to focus on her reading lessons and could only read a few sentences on a page at a time; this was always forced and never fun. Once we started therapy, we noticed small but important changes very quickly. Her stamina and endurance improved greatly after treatment started. Now, months later, Vivian is able to read more sentences on a page and much longer stories without a fight! She finally enjoys reading. Therapy made an enormous difference in a short amount of time and we are incredibly grateful for the dedicated team that worked with her. We would like to thank the entire staff, especially Miss Jen, who worked with VIvian on every session. Thank you for this wonderful experience!

- The Kreutzer Family