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Dear Dr. O’Connor, Kathy and friends,

My son Josiah went through Optometric Vision Therapy to potentially help him with reading and overall comprehension. When we began therapy, we were skeptical but, short of medicine, didn’t know what else to try. During three years o homeschooling we tried different techniques to help right-brain dominant learners: arching and yoga exercises, essential oil’s for focus, different vitamins and supplements, a clean diet and lots of prayer. My in-laws are friends with Dr. O’Connor and, as they described t e work he was doing, we got the sense that this could help Josiah. At first, we didn’t see a while lot of improvement, but then suddenly Josiah jumped forward in reading ability and comprehension.

A strange phenomenon with Josiah was that he would almost always get hit in the face with a ball while playing any type of sport. Since finishing his therapy nearly 2 years ago, Josiah never gets hit by the ball, because guess what? He sees it coming! We had no idea his vision had such obstacles.

Josiah is a much more confident kid now that then he ever was before. It must have been hard living life in the box his vision had put him in. I thank God for his time at Vision Development of Western New York and I hope this treatment becomes more widely accepted in the ophthalmologic community. I know there are more kids like Josiah who need help out of their own boxes.Thank you for all you did for my son. Sincerely, Stephanie

- Stephanie