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Salvatore, who is currently 15 years old and a Sophomore in High school, has been placed in AIS math and English since Kindergarten. I felt the school was not helping him advance and wanted him evaluated for a learning disability. Every test came back normal. However, in freshman year Sal came to me for additional help. He couldn’t understand why he has still at a third grade comprehension level and was incapable of writing sentences. He knew what he wanted to write but felt his brain couldn’t do it. This is when I recognized a cognizant disconnect. I was talking to friends about this and they recommended Dr. O’Connor. They brought their sons to him and had great success. I called the office and made the appointment. Dr. O’Connor and his staff recognized the impairment and began therapy to increase Sal’s neuro deficit. Each week Sal improved and became more independent in his studies. When Sal was in soccer, the Doctor’s staff recognized that heading the ball caused another decrease in impairment and they quickly began to work to get him recovered. Sal finished therapy and is now 100% independent in all school work, currently has a 98 in English and a 99 in math. He no longer depends on me to read to him; is confident at School.

- Salvatore