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Robert Franke

SUCCESS STORY Robert Franke 1

When Robbie was born, I called him my sunshine boy. He was always so happy and excited to see everyone. When he started preschool, though, I noticed that he was having severe headaches and his behavior was changing. He began acting out when he had to do reading or math work, and he began to tell me how he felt "stupid" and not good at anything no matter how hard he tried. This only got worse as we moved up the grade levels. The headaches became less manageable and his confidence in his ability to do schoolwork was almost non-existent.

We learned about vision therapy when getting Robbie's eyes and glasses checked. What a difference! Now he ASKS to go to the library and ready just for fun! I've also noticed fewer and less severe headaches, growing confidence and calm, and even less clumsiness in general. I cannot thank the whole team enough - what a difference you have made in our lives!

- Linda Franke