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Oliver Davis


Our household experienced a huge energetic shift prior to vision development, our son experienced a ton of frustration around homework and would often be emotional after school. He always struggled with reading and had support teachers at school, but we really started noticing it more in third grade. More math required additional reading and our son's frustration continued to build as he now needed support in more than one area. He displayed outbursts, frustration, and anxiety around the thought of incomplete school work. We had no idea that he was experiencing this or why school work took so long until we met with our VD team. After the proper support from our VD team, and efforts at home, our son has more confidence, endurance, and balance. He knows how to do the work, and is visually much stronger. He's improved in academics, athletically, and has also acquired life skills. He knows when he can push through things and when he needs a break. We're forever grateful for our VD team! Love, Team Davis


- J.G. Davis