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We are so thankful for everyone that Vision development from Dr. O’Connor to Miss Kathy to Miss Kelly. Each and every person you interact with is helpful and kind. We are astounded by Megan’s results here and are excited for her future! When her 2020 sophomore school year began, Megan started saying she hated school. She mentioned being tired all the time and having trouble focusing. It took hours every night to finish homework. We thought it was the result of the change of education due to the pandemic. When she started complaining of double vision and headaches it was time to get help. After multiple visits to the eye doctor and two new pairs of glasses she had no improvement.

We came to Vision development in early 2021. After her evaluation I will never forget the feeling of relief when Dr. O’Connor said “… this is exactly why you’re struggling and we can help you. It will get better.” After five months of therapy Megan has just finished reading her first book for pleasure! She is still working to build stamina when focusing but Miss Kathy has given her strategies to refocus your eyes as they grow stronger. I would highly recommend Dr. O’Connor and this office to any family with a child struggling like Megan did.

- Megan