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Vision Therapy has been such a blessing! For about eleven years I have had daily chronic migraines, eyestrain, and comprehension trouble. I was constantly debilitated by the pain and was embarrassed I felt slow or behind. After I received an eye exam Dr. O’Connor thoroughly explained some key issues and laid out a plan to fit my needs. I was able to go down to one collage class and began six months of light and vision therapy. At first I did not see much improvement, but Kathy my therapist, Dr. Alyssa, Dr. O’ Connor and all the staff were constantly tracking my pain and any changes. Halfway, through therapy I noticed a huge relief from my eyestrain and migraines. Near end of the therapy the pain picked up a little, migraines were a little more frequent than the halfway point, but they were much more controlled. Now I have little to no eyestrain, I can study much better, and see much improvement with my migraines. Vision Therapy is not quick or easy fix, but the doctors and therapists at vision Development of WNY display Christian character and support which makes therapy worth it.

- Madelyn