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Vision therapy has helped Kadee with her reading and writing. Before therapy Kadee would look at her work and think “is this right? Did I read that right? Did I write the correct words?” Kadee did not have confidence to read aloud or share her work, not even to her teachers (whom she adored). Kadee didn’t like to read together at home. She always asked her brother or Mom or Dad to read out loud. Kadee is vital learning right now, so she hasn’t back in the classroom. But she is feeling much more confident in her reading and writing. She says she feels like she is now “doing it right”. We can see the confidence! Kadee now enjoys reading with us at bedtime. Kadee and her brother Joseph will read their school assignments together. We can often find Kadee and her little sister Tess cuddle up together with a stack of books! Everyone at Vision Development has been so encouraging and helped. Kadee feel loved, happy and safe!

- Emily