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Our journey through Vision Therapy has been nothing short of life changing for both Connor and our family. As an educator, I knew he was not performing to his abilities in academics and athletics. He often became inappropriately frustrated and angry. We got him academic support, OT, and worked with him at home. Before we started Vision Therapy, I prayed for a sign to know this was the right path. God answered my prayer when I saw Connor trying to light birthday candles. I knew in that moment Vision Therapy was the answer we were looking for.

Now after this journey, his academic and athletic performance has improved, but more importantly, it's his personality people remember now, and not his angry outbursts! One night when I was going dishes, I asked Connor to water the dogs. He came up to me after and said, "Mom, remember when you would yell at me for pouring water in the wrong bowl? Well, I can see which bowl is for their water now!" Those were tears (not dishwater)... We never knew before VIsion Therapy that he was seeing double!

- Michelle Franks, Connor's Mom