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Cheryl Putnam


I suffered a TBI e the age of 51 and later on developed headaches, felt like my eyes were on fire, fell down the stairs frequently, and had problems diving mostly related to poor depth perception and skewed peripheral vision. I was referred by my bass and belove me I was skeptical + hesitant to make that call but things worsened.

Fast forward --- Started therapy Kept making small improvements then BANG made huge improvements I noticed. Now I'm so much better and able to work long hours on a computer & at a local hospital. Believe me, this was a huge undertaking financially time-wise - energy wife. Now I know I don't need to receive before I'm ready and can still take care of my hospital patients for years to come.

I'm thankful for everything everyone e Vision Development has done for me. They made THERAPY FUN and felt like a kid again. I will miss the staff but ready to moreen!

- Cheryl Putnam