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Emma Golembieski started off sad and confused. She didn't understand why she couldn't keep up with her classmates. Emma has always tried her best and would work extra hard at everything she did. Emma never gives up. Our hearts broke for her always struggling to keep up. When Emma had her eye exam to only find out she did have nerve weakness in her eyes.

But to find out she could strengthen her eyes was a blessing. Emma was so happy and very determined to fix her eyes. As always she did everything she was told, and worked hard to strengthen her eyes. Now Emma is more confident in herself. Interacts with her peers more. Emma's grades also went up! She is at a higher reading level!

Emma is loving life more and more! We are so thankful for what vision therapy has done for our baby girl. We absolutely love what Miss Kathy has done for her she has gone above and beyond for our Emma Sue.

- Amanda