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As both a father and a teacher, I can not speak highly enough of Dr. O'Connor, Dr. Alyssa and the entire staff at Vision Development. My son is now reading and comprehending at a much higher level, which as a teacher of 20 years is extremely important to me. However, even more important to me as a father, he is so much more confident and self assured now that he has completed his eye therapy. He notices the difference both in school as well as in sports. Completing the therapy twice a week as well as doing the exercises at home was a commitment for sure, but one that was well worth it. I also wanted to note that they were very conscientious and diligent about instituting the necessary COVID protocols to keep my son safe during his therapy sessions. They even did online therapy when necessary in order to keep him on track. Overall, we are beyond satisfied with the entire process and staff at Vision Development. We consider ourselves fortunate to have been able to go to them for treatment and for the positive change in our son's life.
2 months ago
- Neal M.
We brought our son who is in third grade but has struggled his entire school career, for a vision evaluation at Vision Development of WNY. First, everyone is very kind there and put our son at ease. The extensive exam confirmed that he would benefit from Vision Therapy. We began his vision therapy in September and by the time we had parent/teacher conferences at the beginning of December his Special Ed teacher and OT therapist said the change has been dramatic and have sought to learn about his therapy to possibly help other students. He has finally begun to accomplish work pages on his without direct assistance from his teachers. Our sons confidence has gone up dramatically and he’s finally beginning to read without as much pain as before. We thank the whole team at Vision Development of WNY!
4 months ago
- Rebecca P.
I originally reached out to the Doctor's for my son because I recognized there was a disconnect with his reading comprehension. His high school was not able to pinpoint the problem and help him. They also were not recognizing that it wasn't a special reading class concern and has had him in AIS reading since kindergarten; he is now a sophomore. I heard about Dr. O'Connor and the Vision Development Center from a couple of friends that had their children receive therapy for similar conditions. I made the appointment and the Doctor's found what was occurring. Within 3 months of vision therapy, my son is now able to complete his homework without help from me, and with remote instruction he is able to complete assignments including reading and writing independently. Before he was a patient of Dr. O'Connor's, he was unable to write a sentence and put his thoughts on paper. His visual cognition has improved tremendously and I greatly appreciate the impact that everyone at the Vision Development Center has had on not only my son, but our family, as he became independent and capable of achieving A's in school with a grade of 100 in ELA, which was normally the class he struggled to pass. I highly recommend the Doctor's and therapists at the Vision Development Center.
5 months ago
- C T.
My daughter is in the middle of treatment with Dr. O'Connor and his team. I need comment about two things very specifically. First and foremost the customer service provided by the team are amazing. I have had a couple questions about my unique billing arrangement ( Christian Sharing Ministry and Care Credit ) the team helped me to answer my question, weigh personal options, and provided support through at least four separate phone calls. Secondly, the patient care during the COVID19 social distancing period is amazing. Each month (sometimes more often) an associate that cares for my daughter called to talk to my wife or I about home care, progress, and provided additional adjustments and feedback. I find the treatments are helping my daughter and the team a Vision Dev. of WNY is exceptional. Thank you Dr. O'Connor and team!!!
12 months ago
- Ed B.