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Regaining Normal Functionality


When I first came into the office I as struggling with headaches, constant pain, and lights and computer screens impacted me. When I started therapy I didn’t know if it was going to work, but writing this success story it did! I liked how therapy was a session and the activities changed based on my needs and evaluations. It also allowed me to form relationships during therapy and become more self-aware and confident. I am thankful for this experience because my symptoms have decreased or are now gone. I never realized how much my vision can impact my everyday life, so I am so glad to have been a patient and work with Dr. O’Connor, Dr. Alyssa, and all the other amazing staff members!


We are so thankful for everyone that Vision development from Dr. O’Connor to Miss Kathy to Miss Kelly. Each and every person you interact with is helpful and kind. We are astounded by Megan’s results here and are excited for her future! When her 2020 sophomore school year began, Megan started saying she hated school. She mentioned being tired all the time and having trouble focusing. It took hours every night to finish homework. We thought it was the result of the change of education due to the pandemic. When she started complaining of double vision and headaches it was time to get help. After multiple visits to the eye doctor and two new pairs of glasses she had no improvement.

We came to Vision development in early 2021. After her evaluation I will never forget the feeling of relief when Dr. O’Connor said “… this is exactly why you’re struggling and we can help you. It will get better.” After five months of therapy Megan has just finished reading her first book for pleasure! She is still working to build stamina when focusing but Miss Kathy has given her strategies to refocus your eyes as they grow stronger. I would highly recommend Dr. O’Connor and this office to any family with a child struggling like Megan did.


Vision Therapy has been such a blessing! For about eleven years I have had daily chronic migraines, eyestrain, and comprehension trouble. I was constantly debilitated by the pain and was embarrassed I felt slow or behind. After I received an eye exam Dr. O’Connor thoroughly explained some key issues and laid out a plan to fit my needs. I was able to go down to one collage class and began six months of light and vision therapy. At first I did not see much improvement, but Kathy my therapist, Dr. Alyssa, Dr. O’ Connor and all the staff were constantly tracking my pain and any changes. Halfway, through therapy I noticed a huge relief from my eyestrain and migraines. Near end of the therapy the pain picked up a little, migraines were a little more frequent than the halfway point, but they were much more controlled. Now I have little to no eyestrain, I can study much better, and see much improvement with my migraines. Vision Therapy is not quick or easy fix, but the doctors and therapists at vision Development of WNY display Christian character and support which makes therapy worth it.


Salvatore, who is currently 15 years old and a Sophomore in High school, has been placed in AIS math and English since Kindergarten. I felt the school was not helping him advance and wanted him evaluated for a learning disability. Every test came back normal. However, in freshman year Sal came to me for additional help. He couldn’t understand why he has still at a third grade comprehension level and was incapable of writing sentences. He knew what he wanted to write but felt his brain couldn’t do it. This is when I recognized a cognizant disconnect. I was talking to friends about this and they recommended Dr. O’Connor. They brought their sons to him and had great success. I called the office and made the appointment. Dr. O’Connor and his staff recognized the impairment and began therapy to increase Sal’s neuro deficit. Each week Sal improved and became more independent in his studies. When Sal was in soccer, the Doctor’s staff recognized that heading the ball caused another decrease in impairment and they quickly began to work to get him recovered. Sal finished therapy and is now 100% independent in all school work, currently has a 98 in English and a 99 in math. He no longer depends on me to read to him; is confident at School.


Thank you so much for your time you spent on me.

Thank you for how fun you were to be around.

I am sad that I have to end vision (therapy),

but I am excited to start a new vision life on my own.

Thank you.

With love, Olivia.


Sam has suffered from chronic migraines for at least 3 years. After going down all sorts of treatment avenues, Dr. O’Connor was recommended to us by various people. We put off taking Sam to see Dr. O’Connor because a previous optometrist found nothing wrong with Sam’s eyes. Though Sam had struggled with reading in first grade, he always did well in school and in sports, but often did not feel well after school , his games or any activity/trip that had a lot of visual stimuli. We brought him to Vision Development of WNY just to rule anything out.

We were shocked by what Sam’s evaluation revealed. We were told his eyes did not work together to converge & focus, he could not track properly, he had a very small field of vision and an enlarged blind spot. Sam then mentioned that he thought it was normal to skip lines and lose your place when reading or to have eyeball pain after reading anything. We were sent home with instructions for the infinity walk and light therapy. The light therapy helped to reduce his headache pain. He then started in-office therapy twice a week.

After completing the infinity walk at home, h is field of vision is normal as is his blind spot. The in-office and at-home therapies have helped tremendously. Even though Sam’s headaches have not disappeared (due to other contributing factors), the time it takes for his headache to worsen while reading has greatly extended. His fatigue and car sickness are virtually non-existent. He is able to work longer on computer screens and on paper. It is much easier to read now. He no longer skips lines or loses his place. His eyeballs no longer hurt after reading or doing schoolwork. His confidence level has improved as well.

While it was a long process, it has been well worth the time and money. Dr. O’Connor, Dr. Fortuna, Penny, Kelly and other staff members have been nothing but kind and supportive, especially since Sam’s therapy was stalled by the Covid shutdown in 2020.