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Reading & Learning Problems

Tyler Lang

Tyler Lang


When Tyler started Therapy he struggled with reading. Writing, sitting still and focusing on What was being taught or he was supposed to be working on. He didn’t like anything about reading and avoided it as much as he could. When he started 3rd grade he was two grade levels behind. Now after therapy… Hе enjoys reading and will actually pick up a book to read without being asked. He’s reading at grade level, his writing has improved and fows has gotten better but is still a work in progress.

Last Summer was his first year of coach pitch baseball and he couldn’t hit the ball. This baseball season is going great. He’s been going 4/4 at every game and he is loving every minute of it.

Riley Gingerich


Learning has never been easy or fun for our son, Riley. He struggles with dyslexia and has always hated reading (other than a handful of graphic novels). Over the past couple of years, we have noted that Riley would rub his eyes excessively after trying to read even a few words. Glasses did nothing to help. He would complain of being tired after only a few learning tasks. We decided to bring Riley for an evaluation…

Riley no longer rubs his eye when tasked with reading! He says that it is easier to read now. We are hopeful now that learning will be less of a struggle and more of a joy! Thanks so much.

Dr Alyssa and everyone at Vision Development for all of your love and care! Riley says that “Vivid Vision” was his favorite theraphy!

Nicholas Scott

SUCCESS STORY Nicholas Scott

At the start of therapy, Nicholas Steuggled with. Completing task, motion sickness, losing his place while reading, mixing letters and would be easily frustrated while comdeting assignments. During the first few sessions of light therapy Nicholas no longer suffered from motion sickness. Over time I saw a significant improvement in his reading and writing. During assignments where he typically needed help, he is now able to complete the work on his own in a short period of time. His grades in all classes improved. Nicholas states he is better able to see and doesn’t feel as if his eyes are staining. We have noticed various changes in all areas such as coordination, Focus, and Concentration. Throughout this process the whole team has been amazing, especially Ms. Kathy. She is a God-sent.

Sean Tomsic


Vision Therapy was fun, sometimes hard work. After starting vision therapy Math has become easier. I can line up my numbers better. I also have been able to build my legos for longer and with less help. I also have been reversing my letters less and that makes me feel good at school. I still don’t like flippers but I will miss Miss Kathy.


Kasen Hill


I was born with poor vision in my left eye Dr. Dick O’Connor gave me to contact after wearing glasses. I then started Vision Therapy because my brain was not working with my left eye. Before therapy, I could not read well or understand stories. My depth perception was not there. Now after reading. I have improved with all of my sports. Dr. Dick O’Connor and Dr. Alyssa Fortuna and Kathy have changed my life. I don’t get headaches anymore. I am glad. God put Vision Development in my life.


Dear Doctor O’Connor and Ms. Kathy,
Thank you for being kind every time I walked in, you really helped to make it fun. Well, you were helping my eyes with some of my favorite things. I did was Vivid Visions, my favorite games are breaker and earn your bouncer and as I went threw vision therapy. I was catching a lot better. I also really enjoy zoom Ball. I also play basketball much better. It helped me know where the ball was when playing. Thanks for everything.



When Sarah started kindergarten, she was keeping up academically, but struggling with completing assignments in a timely fashion. And staying on task. She also struggled with social skills like making eye contact and often prefer to play independently instead of with friends. Additionally, she struggled with some coordination activities like balancing and steering a bike at the same time. So the course of her vision therapy, we have seen Improvement and all these areas. Her teachers have noted significant improvements in her schoolwork. She has become more talkative and school and enjoys playing with friends. She has even mastered riding her bike and enjoys going to dance class and tennis lessons! I can’t wait to see what else Sarah can accomplish with her new skills!

M. Smith

Reid has had a wonderful experience through VT with both Miss Kathy and Dr. Alyssa. We live about an hour and ½ away so this was a HUGE commitment to travel 2x’s /week for 1 month (we tried to do it on our own w/ just light therapy and home exercise about 3 years ago without success). This full commitment has proved to be VERY helpful to Reid. He has dyslexia and needed so much help with his visual field. We are so grateful to the therapists who are so patient and work so hard to make this process fun and engaging for their patients. Reid’s reading and writing skills have improved as well as his coordination with sports and other activities. We are looking forward to watching even more life skills improve through all his hard work. Thank you to vision therapy for all you’ve done for us!

Vinny, Tim & Jenna

Thank You Dr. O and Miss Kathy for helping me learn how to read. Now I have going to school. Love, Vinny


Dr. O’Connor – Miss Kathy; We can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work with Vincent. After our very first appointment with Dr. O, I knew We were in the right place. You made us feel confident in Vincent’s abilities and helped us look toward to the future when we were so discouraged. Listening to Vincent read now is one of our favorite things. The progress he has made is just awesome!

Tim & Jenna Labarbera.

Ella N.

I had trouble reading and writing. When I would read the words on the page would swim around and they would also get blurry and I hated reading. When I would write my hand would hurt and my writing was messy and sloppy and my writing was really big. After a few months of vision therapy my writing was better and I didn’t hate reading as much as I used to and the words no longer swim on the page. After another five months I got better and better my scores were better than ever before.

During the process eventually I stopped getting so car sick and I got fewer headaches after doing my HTS. A month or two later I heard I might be graduating soon, it made me work harder and eventually I graduated all things to Dr. Alyssa, Miss Kathy and my family. I graduated from vision therapy.