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Kathy Guides us on the Infinity Walk

Okay. For the infinity walk, we have three different techniques that we use today. We're going to demonstrate the standard infinity walk, which is simply walking a figure eight. The other two, we can go over with you while you're here and we have the instructions here. So we're going to just do the basic infinity walk. The infinity walk is a figure eight pattern that we have

On the floor. And it's walking to circular patterns, a clockwise and counterclockwise pattern. And our purpose is to help our center with our peripheral vision. It is also a very good integrator of the left and right sides of the eyes, the brain and the body. And it's a very easy technique that you can do at home. This is something that's very teachable. However, we want to make sure that the technique is done properly. Therefore, we like lines. We use tape on this floor.

You can chop this out somewhere or you could cut out big circles, but the best is to have something on the floor as much to walk around, to start the infinity walk, we are going to start on the outer edge of the circle.

And the dimensions are provided for you by your therapist. As you are starting, you are going to face your target.

And the target we are going to be using is this X here on the floor.

So as I start the infinity walk.

I am going to walk along the lines while I'm keeping my eyes on the target and using my peripheral vision to steer my body. So both of my eyes right now, we're looking at the X while I'm using my side vision, my left field right now, and now then switches to my right fields.

As I walking around this clockwise and counterclockwise pattern.

No, we really don't walk around like this. And it takes a little while.

We want a nice, slow pace feet moving forward. We're walking along the lines, not on the lines, like a tight rope arms are nice and relaxed at our side. And of course the hard part is keeping eyes on the act. So when I come right around here, I'm in full extension with my neck and both of my eyes are looking at the X well, the right field of my eyes are looking here along the red line. And that switches right about here to now, I'm looking at the X again with both my eyes. However, the lush field is steering by that.

And we recommend doing this five minutes, five days a week, your target will be determined by the doctor or your therapist on what will be the most optimal value for your infinity walk.

We also recommend using flashcards, such as picture cars or math facts. And when we're using math facts, we're going to start out using the entire equation. So have the child or individual read the entire equation before reading off the other, where it would be doing the math equation by itself, for example. So for more information on the infinity law, you can go to infinity And this is how we do the standard infinity.