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Gavin Hoover




Our son Gavin is 9 years old and started therapy in September 2022. Before he started therapy, he was severely dyslexic, couldn't write his name, use a button or zipper, and snap or catch a ball. His therapist, Miss Jenn, was amazing and so was Dr. O'Connor and Dr. Alyssa. The rest of the staff was also very friendly and helpful. The office was inviting and religious, which made us feel at home. He is now finishing up his session in March 2023, and we see so much of an improvement. He can now write more than half of the alphabet in both upper and lower case, button, zip, snap, and catch a very small ball. Gavin's teachers and therapists are amazed. His speech has also made a remarkable improvement. We his parents, Miss Jen, and Dr. O'Connor feel that another round of therapy will be even more beneficial and Gavin will start back up in June. We cannot thank the team of VIsion Development enough for helping our son improve so much in six months. We can't wait to be back in a few months. 

- D. Hoover - Gavin's Mom

Andrew Tangel


Andrew Tangel


Andy has had so many improvements since completing vision therapy. He was stuck at a reading level F, after finishing therapy he jumped two levels. He was not on target to meet his reading IEP goal, and now he is going to meet it early.

His ability to identify sight words has greatly improved. His handwriting has also become legible. He no longer needs to use dashed paper and is fitting his answers on age-appropriate lines. He recently even lined up words on a page without lines.

His confidence around the school is definitely growing as he is noticing improvements. We are so grateful that we found Dr. Dick O’Connor's office. At the end of therapy, we were feeling discouraged because of a few setbacks. Andy was having, but in the 6 weeks since he has grown and improved so much with things just "clicking" into place.

- Andrew Tangel

Oliver Davis



Our household experienced a huge energetic shift prior to vision development, our son experienced a ton of frustration around homework and would often be emotional after school. He always struggled with reading and had support teachers at school, but we really started noticing it more in third grade. More math required additional reading and our son's frustration continued to build as he now needed support in more than one area. He displayed outbursts, frustration, and anxiety around the thought of incomplete school work. We had no idea that he was experiencing this or why school work took so long until we met with our VD team. After the proper support from our VD team, and efforts at home, our son has more confidence, endurance, and balance. He knows how to do the work, and is visually much stronger. He's improved in academics, athletically, and has also acquired life skills. He knows when he can push through things and when he needs a break. We're forever grateful for our VD team! Love, Team Davis


- J.G. Davis



SUCCESS STORY Jackson Coppola


Prior to Vision Therapy, Jackson struggled in school, especially with Reading. His fluency was slow, and he would often skip words and lines. As he progressed through therapy, the changes in his reading became clearer and clearer. He no longer regularly skips over words. He doesn't struggle to follow a line. He has become much more confident, and is seeing success in school. He enjoys reading now - something that was unheard of before.

We have also witnessed gains in his athletics. Jackson is an avid baseball player, who often saw two balls during his at-bats! Vision Therapy has helped his eyes correct that, which has translated into much more successful plate appearances.

Overall, post-therapy Jackson is happier at school, and we credit Vision Therapy for giving him this confidence.

- Jennifer Coppola



SUCCESS STORY Josiah Jentz 1

When Josiah began therapy he was in 2nd grade and he was struggling with writing, reading, focusing on what was being taught, eye contact, and socially appropriate behavior. The biggest change we saw almost immediately was the improvement in his attention and ability to focus. As the months went on, we saw improvements in his interactions with his siblings and in school. He was able to improve his abilities in reading and math. After therapy this summer, he entered 3rd grade and is thriving! His writing has dramatically improved - both his handwriting and his ability to write creatively. He has less outbursts and is able to bring his self-control into check more readily than before. We are so thankful for vision therapy and the changes we've seen this year in Josiah.

- C Jentz

James Austin



James asked us to help him with his success story. He is very proud of his reading abilities, which he did not like to share with anyone before vision therapy. Since starting here, James reads out loud for people to hear. We have noticed that changes in routine are now okay for James (whereas) before it would lead to tantrums. When James started light therapy, we noticed a lot of improvements in James' day-to-day life. He has not had behaviors anywhere near what they were prior to that. The light and the glasses felt life changing to all of us living with James. He has always struggled with sleep. We are happy to say his sleep has also improved leaps and bounds. James has a much better self image since starting therapy; it is amazing to see. Thank you!!

Lorenzo Balone


SUCCESS STORY Lorenzo Balone

Lorenzo has grown so much in the time we have been visiting Vision Development of WNY and working with Ms. Jen! Lorenzo's teacher at school noticed he was having trouble copying from the board, losing his place while writing, and focusing. After working with Ms. Jen and Dr. Alyssa, Lorenzo has not only improved in those areas, he has improved balance and his handwriting has also gotten better. We can't thank everyone enough at Vision Development of WNY who has had a hand in his success. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

- Lorenzo's Mom

Mariah Greiner


SUCCESS STORY Mariah Greiner 1

I am very pleased with the improvements I have noticed with attention span, paperwork, and work endurance. The best change of all has been relief from headaches and persistent light sensitivity. I could not even believe it when I was suddenly able to drive without wearing sunglasses!

I just love all of the staff here, they are the most warm and loving people. I could stay here all day just chatting with each of you! Every session was fun while still being challenging and informative. I also really appreciated the regular progress evaluations as it was so encouraging to see measurable progress all along the journey.

Many Blessings to each one of you!

- Mariah Greiner

Robert Franke


SUCCESS STORY Robert Franke 1

When Robbie was born, I called him my sunshine boy. He was always so happy and excited to see everyone. When he started preschool, though, I noticed that he was having severe headaches and his behavior was changing. He began acting out when he had to do reading or math work, and he began to tell me how he felt "stupid" and not good at anything no matter how hard he tried. This only got worse as we moved up the grade levels. The headaches became less manageable and his confidence in his ability to do schoolwork was almost non-existent.

We learned about vision therapy when getting Robbie's eyes and glasses checked. What a difference! Now he ASKS to go to the library and ready just for fun! I've also noticed fewer and less severe headaches, growing confidence and calm, and even less clumsiness in general. I cannot thank the whole team enough - what a difference you have made in our lives!

- Linda Franke

Vivian Kreutzer


SUCCESS STORY Vivian Kreutzer page 0001


Vivian has had a beautiful experience in vision therapy for the past 6 months. She looked forward to coming to every session with enthusiasm and excitement! Vivian's biggest improvement is where she needed it most, her reading! She used to get extremely frustrated when trying to focus on her reading lessons and could only read a few sentences on a page at a time; this was always forced and never fun. Once we started therapy, we noticed small but important changes very quickly. Her stamina and endurance improved greatly after treatment started. Now, months later, Vivian is able to read more sentences on a page and much longer stories without a fight! She finally enjoys reading. Therapy made an enormous difference in a short amount of time and we are incredibly grateful for the dedicated team that worked with her. We would like to thank the entire staff, especially Miss Jen, who worked with VIvian on every session. Thank you for this wonderful experience!

- The Kreutzer Family

Benedict Herman


SUCCESS STORY Benedict Herman

I write better. I am learning cursive. I am reading better. I enjoyed making my own books. I write the stories and draw the pictures. Thank Kathy and Dr. for helping me.

- Benedict

Tyler Lang


Tyler Lang


When Tyler started Therapy he struggled with reading. Writing, sitting still and focusing on What was being taught or he was supposed to be working on. He didn't like anything about reading and avoided it as much as he could. When he started 3rd grade he was two grade levels behind. Now after therapy... Hе enjoys reading and will actually pick up a book to read without being asked. He's reading at grade level, his writing has improved and fows has gotten better but is still a work in progress.

Last Summer was his first year of coach pitch baseball and he couldn't hit the ball. This baseball season is going great. He's been going 4/4 at every game and he is loving every minute of it.

- Tyler Lang




Emerson has gained confidence reading in the classroom setting. He is on his way to catching up with his peers. Reading still isn't his favourite thing to do, but he isn't as resistant.

Since joining Vision Therapy, Emerson has joined a travel basketball league. Something he would never had the confidence to do before.

Ms. Jenn has been so good at making therapy sessions feel fun and centered around Emerson's likes. We are going to miss the team!

- Emerson's Mom





Our journey through Vision Therapy has been nothing short of life changing for both Connor and our family. As an educator, I knew he was not performing to his abilities in academics and athletics. He often became inappropriately frustrated and angry. We got him academic support, OT, and worked with him at home. Before we started Vision Therapy, I prayed for a sign to know this was the right path. God answered my prayer when I saw Connor trying to light birthday candles. I knew in that moment Vision Therapy was the answer we were looking for.

Now after this journey, his academic and athletic performance has improved, but more importantly, it's his personality people remember now, and not his angry outbursts! One night when I was going dishes, I asked Connor to water the dogs. He came up to me after and said, "Mom, remember when you would yell at me for pouring water in the wrong bowl? Well, I can see which bowl is for their water now!" Those were tears (not dishwater)... We never knew before VIsion Therapy that he was seeing double!

- Michelle Franks, Connor's Mom

Theodore Napor


SUCCESS STORY Theodore Napor 1

After years of occupational and physical therapies with little progress, it was finally Theo's occupational therapist (who was new to us) that picked up on his vision disorder. Admittedly, as a mom and pediatric nurse practitioner, I knew nothing about binocular vision dysfunction. I was skeptical at first: why didn't his pediatrician see this? Why didn't other OT's pick up on this? He passed plenty of vision tests, his eyes are 20/20, what the heck?! Looking back, I feel silly thinking that way and now know there is a huge lack of knowledge/understanding of vision disorders!

After a few months of therapy, I will never forget Theo's words as we drove home: "Wow Mom! I think this therapy is helping, everything I see is a lot bigger!" - That hit home! Theo has improved in all areas of his life: socially, academically, and physically. The biggest area of improvement is HIS SELF CONFIDENCE! One of the best moments of the school year was when his teacher gave him "The Most Diligent Worker Award" of the 22-23 school year! We can't think Ms. Jen and the entire staff at Vision Development of WNY!

- Julie Napor - Theo's Mom

Lauren Cullen



My dad's friend came over one day. She asked me to read and said" "there's something wrong with your eyes". So, a month later, we went to an eye doctor. They put me in Vision Therapy. I hated reading so much because it's hard for me, but when I was all done with Vision Therapy I loved reading and I got glasses.

- Lauren

Gretchen Case



Vision Therapy has the best doctors. It was a lot of hard work, but it was fun and worth all of the work. It has helped me so much with my reading, writing, and sports. I love reading my family books and being able to focus on family games. I'm doing much better in school this year, and I don't need as much help. I was able to hit a softball really good this spring, and I'm even catching balls. I have also started basketball and I love it. I'm not nearly as tired at the end of the day and I feel much happier after school. Vision Therapy has made a lot of things so much better for me, and I'm going to miss all of the awesome doctors.

- Gretchen Case

Ava Delaney



Before I did Vision Therapy, I did not like reading at all. It used to hurt my head when I read. Sometimes the letters would move around. It made me feel really mad. The first time I went to Vision Therapy it was fun because I went to the disco room. Sometimes I did not like all the home support. But I still tried my best. Sometimes the classes were fun and sometimes they were hard.

Now I like reading more than I used to. The letters do not move around anymore. I still have trouble seeing tiny letters. But pretty soon I will get my reading glasses.

I feel like I am going to get better at reading now. Thank you to everyone that helped me!

- Ava Delaney

Joshua Kohorst


SUCCESS STORY Joshua Kohorst

Joshua started tying his shoes two weeks into his therapy!

He is happy to do the activities at therapy with his therapist. The therapist are always joyful and help Josh's confidence.

- Lenora Kohorst

Samantha Mussell


SUCCESS STORY Samantha Mussell

Samantha: I've found vision therapy has helped me a lot. Up close objects are not blurry anymore. In soccer it's a lot easier to keep my eye on the ball. I've become a way better reader. I used to lose my spot and my eyes would wander off. Now, it's a lot easier to read because I won't wander off.

Mom & Dad: We had always noticed her eyes would wander when she would "zone out". Didn't really connect any of the reading or sports problems until our first appointment with Dr. O'Connor. After using the light her sleep improved, followed by watching her on the soccer field and being aware of how much she had changed! Her reading has improved dramatically - which means frustration has decreased. We are so thankful we paid attention to all the "signs" we kept receiving and went ahead with the program!

- Samantha's Parents

Owen Hemming



We were at a loss of what to do to help our son, who greatly stuffles with reading and doing homework. My husband and I attended an open-house to learn more about the program and decided to sign him up immediately after. He has been working with Ms. Kris, and has made so much progress. He has jumped up a reading level in 8 months and is reversing words and letters lss often. He has been able to complete homework with less frustration. We are so happy we made the choice to try this method to help him and would do it again. We will recommending to others that could benefit.

- Jillian Hemming

Riley Gingerich



Learning has never been easy or fun for our son, Riley. He struggles with dyslexia and has always hated reading (other than a handful of graphic novels). Over the past couple of years, we have noted that Riley would rub his eyes excessively after trying to read even a few words. Glasses did nothing to help. He would complain of being tired after only a few learning tasks. We decided to bring Riley for an evaluation...

Riley no longer rubs his eye when tasked with reading! He says that it is easier to read now. We are hopeful now that learning will be less of a struggle and more of a joy! Thanks so much.

Dr Alyssa and everyone at Vision Development for all of your love and care! Riley says that "Vivid Vision" was his favorite theraphy!

- Riley Gingerich

Cheryl Putnam



I suffered a TBI e the age of 51 and later on developed headaches, felt like my eyes were on fire, fell down the stairs frequently, and had problems diving mostly related to poor depth perception and skewed peripheral vision. I was referred by my bass and belove me I was skeptical + hesitant to make that call but things worsened.

Fast forward --- Started therapy Kept making small improvements then BANG made huge improvements I noticed. Now I'm so much better and able to work long hours on a computer & at a local hospital. Believe me, this was a huge undertaking financially time-wise - energy wife. Now I know I don't need to receive before I'm ready and can still take care of my hospital patients for years to come.

I'm thankful for everything everyone e Vision Development has done for me. They made THERAPY FUN and felt like a kid again. I will miss the staff but ready to moreen!

- Cheryl Putnam

Nicholas Scott


SUCCESS STORY Nicholas Scott

At the start of therapy, Nicholas Steuggled with.  Completing task, motion sickness, losing his place while reading, mixing letters and would be easily frustrated while comdeting assignments. During the first few sessions of light therapy Nicholas no longer suffered from motion sickness. Over time I saw a significant improvement in his reading and writing. During assignments where he typically needed help, he is now able to complete the work on his own in a short period of time. His grades in all classes improved. Nicholas states he is better able to see and doesn't feel as if his eyes are staining. We have noticed various changes in all areas such as coordination, Focus, and Concentration. Throughout this process the whole team has been amazing, especially Ms. Kathy. She is a God-sent. 

- Nicholas Scott

Sean Tomsic



Vision Therapy was fun, sometimes hard work. After starting vision therapy Math has become easier. I can line up my numbers better. I also have been able to build my legos for longer and with less help. I also have been reversing my letters less and that makes me feel good at school. I still don't like flippers but I will miss Miss Kathy.


- Sean Tomsic

Kasen Hill



I was born with poor vision in my left eye Dr. Dick O’Connor gave me to contact after wearing glasses. I then started Vision Therapy because my brain was not working with my left eye. Before therapy, I could not read well or understand stories. My depth perception was not there. Now after reading. I have improved with all of my sports. Dr. Dick O’Connor and Dr. Alyssa Fortuna and Kathy have changed my life. I don't get headaches anymore. I am glad. God put Vision Development in my life.

- Kasen Hill



Dear Doctor O'Connor and Ms. Kathy,
Thank you for being kind every time I walked in, you really helped to make it fun. Well, you were helping my eyes with some of my favorite things. I did was Vivid Visions, my favorite games are breaker and earn your bouncer and as I went threw vision therapy. I was catching a lot better. I also really enjoy zoom Ball. I also play basketball much better. It helped me know where the ball was when playing. Thanks for everything.

- Liam



When Sarah started kindergarten, she was keeping up academically, but struggling with completing assignments in a timely fashion. And staying on task. She also struggled with social skills like making eye contact and often prefer to play independently instead of with friends. Additionally, she struggled with some coordination activities like balancing and steering a bike at the same time. So the course of her vision therapy, we have seen Improvement and all these areas. Her teachers have noted significant improvements in her schoolwork. She has become more talkative and school and enjoys playing with friends. She has even mastered riding her bike and enjoys going to dance class and tennis lessons! I can't wait to see what else Sarah can accomplish with her new skills!



Emma Golembieski started off sad and confused. She didn't understand why she couldn't keep up with her classmates. Emma has always tried her best and would work extra hard at everything she did. Emma never gives up. Our hearts broke for her always struggling to keep up. When Emma had her eye exam to only find out she did have nerve weakness in her eyes.

But to find out she could strengthen her eyes was a blessing. Emma was so happy and very determined to fix her eyes. As always she did everything she was told, and worked hard to strengthen her eyes. Now Emma is more confident in herself. Interacts with her peers more. Emma's grades also went up! She is at a higher reading level!

Emma is loving life more and more! We are so thankful for what vision therapy has done for our baby girl. We absolutely love what Miss Kathy has done for her she has gone above and beyond for our Emma Sue.

- Amanda

Ella N.


I had trouble reading and writing. When I would read the words on the page would swim around and they would also get blurry and I hated reading. When I would write my hand would hurt and my writing was messy and sloppy and my writing was really big. After a few months of vision therapy my writing was better and I didn’t hate reading as much as I used to and the words no longer swim on the page. After another five months I got better and better my scores were better than ever before.

During the process eventually I stopped getting so car sick and I got fewer headaches after doing my HTS. A month or two later I heard I might be graduating soon, it made me work harder and eventually I graduated all things to Dr. Alyssa, Miss Kathy and my family. I graduated from vision therapy.

- Ella N.



Vision therapy has helped Kadee with her reading and writing. Before therapy Kadee would look at her work and think “is this right? Did I read that right? Did I write the correct words?” Kadee did not have confidence to read aloud or share her work, not even to her teachers (whom she adored). Kadee didn’t like to read together at home. She always asked her brother or Mom or Dad to read out loud. Kadee is vital learning right now, so she hasn’t back in the classroom. But she is feeling much more confident in her reading and writing. She says she feels like she is now “doing it right”. We can see the confidence! Kadee now enjoys reading with us at bedtime. Kadee and her brother Joseph will read their school assignments together. We can often find Kadee and her little sister Tess cuddle up together with a stack of books! Everyone at Vision Development has been so encouraging and helped. Kadee feel loved, happy and safe!

- Emily



When I first came into the office I as struggling with headaches, constant pain, and lights and computer screens impacted me. When I started therapy I didn’t know if it was going to work, but writing this success story it did! I liked how therapy was a session and the activities changed based on my needs and evaluations. It also allowed me to form relationships during therapy and become more self-aware and confident. I am thankful for this experience because my symptoms have decreased or are now gone. I never realized how much my vision can impact my everyday life, so I am so glad to have been a patient and work with Dr. O’Connor, Dr. Alyssa, and all the other amazing staff members!

- Leah

M. Smith


Reid has had a wonderful experience through VT with both Miss Kathy and Dr. Alyssa. We live about an hour and ½ away so this was a HUGE commitment to travel 2x’s /week for 1 month (we tried to do it on our own w/ just light therapy and home exercise about 3 years ago without success). This full commitment has proved to be VERY helpful to Reid. He has dyslexia and needed so much help with his visual field. We are so grateful to the therapists who are so patient and work so hard to make this process fun and engaging for their patients. Reid’s reading and writing skills have improved as well as his coordination with sports and other activities. We are looking forward to watching even more life skills improve through all his hard work. Thank you to vision therapy for all you’ve done for us!

- M. Smith



Vision Therapy has been such a blessing! For about eleven years I have had daily chronic migraines, eyestrain, and comprehension trouble. I was constantly debilitated by the pain and was embarrassed I felt slow or behind. After I received an eye exam Dr. O’Connor thoroughly explained some key issues and laid out a plan to fit my needs. I was able to go down to one collage class and began six months of light and vision therapy. At first I did not see much improvement, but Kathy my therapist, Dr. Alyssa, Dr. O’ Connor and all the staff were constantly tracking my pain and any changes. Halfway, through therapy I noticed a huge relief from my eyestrain and migraines. Near end of the therapy the pain picked up a little, migraines were a little more frequent than the halfway point, but they were much more controlled. Now I have little to no eyestrain, I can study much better, and see much improvement with my migraines. Vision Therapy is not quick or easy fix, but the doctors and therapists at vision Development of WNY display Christian character and support which makes therapy worth it.

- Madelyn



We are so thankful for everyone that Vision development from Dr. O’Connor to Miss Kathy to Miss Kelly. Each and every person you interact with is helpful and kind. We are astounded by Megan’s results here and are excited for her future! When her 2020 sophomore school year began, Megan started saying she hated school. She mentioned being tired all the time and having trouble focusing. It took hours every night to finish homework. We thought it was the result of the change of education due to the pandemic. When she started complaining of double vision and headaches it was time to get help. After multiple visits to the eye doctor and two new pairs of glasses she had no improvement.

We came to Vision development in early 2021. After her evaluation I will never forget the feeling of relief when Dr. O’Connor said “… this is exactly why you’re struggling and we can help you. It will get better.” After five months of therapy Megan has just finished reading her first book for pleasure! She is still working to build stamina when focusing but Miss Kathy has given her strategies to refocus your eyes as they grow stronger. I would highly recommend Dr. O’Connor and this office to any family with a child struggling like Megan did.

- Megan



Thank you so much for your time you spent on me.

Thank you for how fun you were to be around.

I am sad that I have to end vision (therapy),

but I am excited to start a new vision life on my own.

Thank you.

With love, Olivia.

- Olivia



Salvatore, who is currently 15 years old and a Sophomore in High school, has been placed in AIS math and English since Kindergarten. I felt the school was not helping him advance and wanted him evaluated for a learning disability. Every test came back normal. However, in freshman year Sal came to me for additional help. He couldn’t understand why he has still at a third grade comprehension level and was incapable of writing sentences. He knew what he wanted to write but felt his brain couldn’t do it. This is when I recognized a cognizant disconnect. I was talking to friends about this and they recommended Dr. O’Connor. They brought their sons to him and had great success. I called the office and made the appointment. Dr. O’Connor and his staff recognized the impairment and began therapy to increase Sal’s neuro deficit. Each week Sal improved and became more independent in his studies. When Sal was in soccer, the Doctor’s staff recognized that heading the ball caused another decrease in impairment and they quickly began to work to get him recovered. Sal finished therapy and is now 100% independent in all school work, currently has a 98 in English and a 99 in math. He no longer depends on me to read to him; is confident at School.

- Salvatore



Sam has suffered from chronic migraines for at least 3 years. After going down all sorts of treatment avenues, Dr. O’Connor was recommended to us by various people. We put off taking Sam to see Dr. O’Connor because a previous optometrist found nothing wrong with Sam’s eyes. Though Sam had struggled with reading in first grade, he always did well in school and in sports, but often did not feel well after school , his games or any activity/trip that had a lot of visual stimuli. We brought him to Vision Development of WNY just to rule anything out.

We were shocked by what Sam’s evaluation revealed. We were told his eyes did not work together to converge & focus, he could not track properly, he had a very small field of vision and an enlarged blind spot. Sam then mentioned that he thought it was normal to skip lines and lose your place when reading or to have eyeball pain after reading anything. We were sent home with instructions for the infinity walk and light therapy. The light therapy helped to reduce his headache pain. He then started in-office therapy twice a week.

After completing the infinity walk at home, h is field of vision is normal as is his blind spot. The in-office and at-home therapies have helped tremendously. Even though Sam’s headaches have not disappeared (due to other contributing factors), the time it takes for his headache to worsen while reading has greatly extended. His fatigue and car sickness are virtually non-existent. He is able to work longer on computer screens and on paper. It is much easier to read now. He no longer skips lines or loses his place. His eyeballs no longer hurt after reading or doing schoolwork. His confidence level has improved as well.

While it was a long process, it has been well worth the time and money. Dr. O’Connor, Dr. Fortuna, Penny, Kelly and other staff members have been nothing but kind and supportive, especially since Sam’s therapy was stalled by the Covid shutdown in 2020.

- Sam



Dear Dr. O’Connor, Kathy and friends,

My son Josiah went through Optometric Vision Therapy to potentially help him with reading and overall comprehension. When we began therapy, we were skeptical but, short of medicine, didn’t know what else to try. During three years o homeschooling we tried different techniques to help right-brain dominant learners: arching and yoga exercises, essential oil’s for focus, different vitamins and supplements, a clean diet and lots of prayer. My in-laws are friends with Dr. O’Connor and, as they described t e work he was doing, we got the sense that this could help Josiah. At first, we didn’t see a while lot of improvement, but then suddenly Josiah jumped forward in reading ability and comprehension.

A strange phenomenon with Josiah was that he would almost always get hit in the face with a ball while playing any type of sport. Since finishing his therapy nearly 2 years ago, Josiah never gets hit by the ball, because guess what? He sees it coming! We had no idea his vision had such obstacles.

Josiah is a much more confident kid now that then he ever was before. It must have been hard living life in the box his vision had put him in. I thank God for his time at Vision Development of Western New York and I hope this treatment becomes more widely accepted in the ophthalmologic community. I know there are more kids like Josiah who need help out of their own boxes.Thank you for all you did for my son. Sincerely, Stephanie

- Stephanie

Vinny, Tim & Jenna


Thank You Dr. O and Miss Kathy for helping me learn how to read. Now I have going to school. Love, Vinny


Dr. O’Connor – Miss Kathy; We can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work with Vincent. After our very first appointment with Dr. O, I knew We were in the right place. You made us feel confident in Vincent’s abilities and helped us look toward to the future when we were so discouraged. Listening to Vincent read now is one of our favorite things. The progress he has made is just awesome!

Tim & Jenna Labarbera.

- Vinny, Tim & Jenna



Willem was having trouble copying from the board and copying from text. He was also skipping words and sentences (sometimes even paragraphs) when reading. He didn’t seem to have much self-esteem or confidence. He put forth his best effort but reading and writing were always so challenging for him. He saw others excel and he felt inferior. He avoided more common sports (which mostly contain balls). He would focus for a short time, but then needed a quick outlet of energy. He wouldn’t give me details about school or his day.

Organizing his thoughts was challenging. Since therapy, we have noticed a significant change in Willem’s self-esteem and confidence. He is attempting to play sports containing balls, which expands the friends he can relate to. He is copying from the board and text with minimal error. After school, he is able to talk to me about his say and gives me details. His thoughts are better organized. During reading, he doesn’t skip around. His fluency needs improvement still, but he is able to express what he comprehended and understands deeper meaning of text. We are so grateful that his confidence, expression, and ability to maintain his place while reading and copying have improved. This wouldn’t have been possible without the caring doctors, therapists, and staff at Vision Development.

- Willem

Thank you Dr. O’Connor and team!!!


My daughter is in the middle of treatment with Dr. O'Connor and his team. I need comment about two things very specifically. First and foremost the customer service provided by the team are amazing. I have had a couple questions about my unique billing arrangement ( Christian Sharing Ministry and Care Credit ) the team helped me to answer my question, weigh personal options, and provided support through at least four separate phone calls. Secondly, the patient care during the COVID19 social distancing period is amazing. Each month (sometimes more often) an associate that cares for my daughter called to talk to my wife or I about home care, progress, and provided additional adjustments and feedback. I find the treatments are helping my daughter and the team a Vision Dev. of WNY is exceptional. Thank you Dr. O'Connor and team!!!

- Ed B. - Google