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Join Us For Our Upcoming Workshop

Vision Impacts Every Part of Your Life...

...You Need to Know More Than You Think

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• Vision is the most critical of all our senses. - We depend on vision to learn, to earn, and to play. Vision guides our every move; it lets us gather meaning from the world around us.

• Vision science has proven a link between vision and school success. -It has resulted in a wide array of treatments that turn students’ lives around.

• Children with reading problems need not keep failing.

Join us for a workshop!

Following a brief talk by Dr. O’Connor & Dr. Alyssa Fortuna, you will have the opportunity to ask them questions regarding yourself or loved ones and how we can provide hope and healing. There is so much more to vision than most of us realize. For many people, visual limits are life limits.

Wednesday, February 24th 5:00- 6:00 pm Dr. Dick O’Connor & Dr. Alyssa Fortuna Developmental Optometrists

Vision Development of WNY 980 W. Maple Court, Suite 200 Elma, NY 14059

Contact: Kelly - Vision Therapy Administrator R.S.V.P (716) 398-4304



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